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Highlights: Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal English Premier League 13.12.2010

1-0 J.S. Park 41'

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no_more_heroes4260d ago

why is Clichy still there? He's been one of our biggest liabilities these past few years.

Well played Man Utd. We were too toothless to get through.

Fagerborgbk4260d ago

Clichy is a good player but Nani is a very good player, a left back are not grow on trees these days

no_more_heroes4260d ago

he should have closed him down far quicker, and failed to clear the ball properly, even after winning it. Everyone was bad today, but he was the worst of them all.

presto7174260d ago

Good job Man United. We proved yet again that we are better than Arsenal. Wonderful clinical finish by JSPark to bag the 3 points in a game which we fully deserved to win. Tight solid defense completely shut down Arsenal in both the mid field and in the final third.

Anderson impressed me for the first ever in a United shirt. Nani needs to learn how to pass the freaking ball.

Chelsea miss a penalty, they draw. United miss a penalty, they win. The difference between "good" and "best".


Presto717, take it you haven't seen Anderson in the past 3games previous to this one then, he's been on fire since his return

RedDevils4260d ago

Evra Just Owned Arsenal yet again, "They're just Kid" Clichy that guy is overated, better than Evra, he been eaten almost alive by Nani, and Nani was poor lol

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karim4259d ago

@presto717 Really ? The difference is you had time,we had the penalty in the 90th minute,time difference

donb4260d ago

United was the better team, but the goal they got was lucky!

ad4mb4260d ago

was still a great finish by park

RedDevils4260d ago

didn't you good team create lucks

crazyturkey4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Man. United deserved to win this one, even though their goal was pure luck, they did play better.

To me Wenger should have started without Arshavin, with Nasri playing in that position and Walcott on the other side with RVP too. Arshavin, Fabregas and Rosicky should have come in the 2nd half if needed. It seems that Wenger didn't go to win to me today.

Anyways, On the positive side the Arsenal young Keeper, who's name I can't spell, did do a great job today.

sokrates4260d ago

United deserved it. I felt sorry for Rooney- blowing that penalty 30 meters high... And then getting stoped by an excellent Arsenal goalie. He did a mans job today!

no_more_heroes4260d ago

that goal he conceded was the first he's let in in the 4 matches he's played for us so far. definitely see him as a first team regular in the near future. He was our best player!

Fagerborgbk4260d ago

20 years! Think you in that position, debute agenst Man United, I had peed in my pants.

RedDevils4260d ago

You must be joking if you think he suck, Cause As much as Hate Arsenal, That Gk is awesome even I want to be United NO.1

no_more_heroes4260d ago

his fourth game he's playing for Arsenal and the first goal he's conceded. Couldn't do anything about it.

sokrates4260d ago

Shit. He has a bright future... Wich nationality does he have?

no_more_heroes4260d ago

Polish, like Fabianski. Captained the U-20 national side I think.

sokrates4260d ago

Thanks, I guess his playing for the first team for his nation soon.

Fagerborgbk4260d ago

Ok! I thought it was his debute,According to reporters on Norwegian television, it was his debut.

Nightfallen4260d ago

It's his debut for the Barclays Premier League.

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Fagerborgbk4260d ago

I think the macth was a pooor pooor macth. I hade hope that it would be a game for the history books but NO! Boring match

STiRacer4260d ago

I was only able to watch the second half, and I have to admit it was rather disappointing. All I saw was a lackluster Arsenal team and an all out defensive Manchester side, making it a really boring match to watch.

RedDevils4260d ago

Yeah it pretty boring Chelsea and spur match was way better

HOSe4260d ago

that header was sweeeet.

i hate arsenal ever since i got killed by Lazio in fifa 11 with them :P

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