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Chelsea versus Manchester United postponed

Sunday's game at Stamford Bridge has been postponed following consultation with the Police and the local authority.

There has been heavy snow in London on Saturday.

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karim4961d ago

Very disappointed was looking forward to the match

MasterGuru4961d ago

Me too!!!!!!! DARN YOU SNOW!!!

presto7174960d ago

WTF this is bullsh*t. chelsea are just being pu**ies because they are scared drogba and lampard are not ready to take on United.

F**k chelsea. bunch of wankers...

sokrates4960d ago

Snow or Chelseà? I think the reason why they cansel it more than 24 hours before it should start is a matter of both... Chelsea has a few injuries and are not in their best shape.

Maradona4961d ago

Chelsea was afraid that Lampard wasnt 100% ready, so they canselled the match:)

karim4961d ago

LOL that's just stupid they can't (Chelsea) cancel the match,representatives from the PL and police are involved in this manner and they couldn't remove the snow + it's the 1st time in like 5+ years we cancelled a home match (I think)

ThatIrishGamer4960d ago

Chelsea's cowardice knows no end. They knew they were gettin pounded tomorrow so sabotaged the game. It's well clear at Stamford Bridge and all the main roads are clear. A joke because they're out of form and knew they'd get tanked.

karim4960d ago

LOL are you THAT dumb ? A team can't call the game off...Ever heard of the Premier League officials that send inspectors who review the stadium and decide if the game can pass or not or you're just living under a rock
Btw a fit Lampard can spank any team,so you might eat your words

sokrates4960d ago

same reason crossed my mind. If its true it doesnt shock me at all. Chelsea is a JOKE!

FReeDoM4ALL4960d ago

Too bad, I was looking forward to the match.

I hope they find some suitable playing dates quickly.

Maradona4960d ago

the match wont be before in 2011.

karim4960d ago

BREAKING NEWS : CFC say the pitch will be fine on sunday but the Fulham road will be trick,there's a "really tiny chance" that the match will be played tomorrow