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Highlights: TP Mazembe 0-3 Inter Milan [FIFA Club World Cup - FINAL 18/12/2010]

0-1 Pandev 13'
0-2 Etoo 17'
0-3 Biabiany 85'

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The Hunter3800d ago

I'm curious were the emblem of this title will be placed on the shirt, inter's shirt is completely filled with emblems :P

Well done! Inter the best of the world!

sokrates3799d ago

well, this club world championsship is an odd thing. who cares anyway? and who fairly believe that Inter is the best beacuse of this title?

The Hunter3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Uhm, this cup named: 'Club World Cup', so that means the champion are the best in the world of this year! And they beat Barcelona to this title, so yeah they are the best!

Anyway you can discuss who plays the nicest football ATM, and yeah that is Barcelona, I dont deny that!

sokrates3798d ago

That means YOU care, Hunter. I already understood that. Anyone else who cares? Its just a cool name of the tournament, nobody cares about the title.

zico3800d ago

well done, but unfortunately they will loose next round in CL against Bayern Munich....

moha103800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

don`t be to sure about that. Italian teams never stop surprising me in the CL.

ps, First goal is nice....

zico3800d ago

Inter won mostly because of more experience than Mazembe. How they do it in Serie A shows more the truth of Inters current form.

And Moha10, Bayern Munich will never loose once again against Inter. Last year they won just because of Mourinhos tactical, playing defense and boring.