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Is English football just sissy?

It’s snowing in England. No one can deny that.

But calling off Chelsea-Manchester United at 1pm on the Saturday before the match. Seriously?

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The Hunter4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Its a shame that 'the best football league of the world', will be interrupted by snow.. So that means it is not the best football league.. Where is the field heating then?

Tommorow is Ajax - Feyenoord (also a top match, but in Holland).. Lucky Ajax that it has a roof on the stadium ;)

The EPL needs new stadiums (with a roof) for this IMO!

zico4959d ago

What about this report:

"Ajax - Feyenoord Match Postponed Due To Adverse Weather Conditions"

zootang4959d ago

It has nothing to do with the football clubs. All have underground pitch heating, apart from blackpool.

It's the police and fans not being able to make it to the grounds which is why it is cancelled.

moha104959d ago

Agree Hunter. it is completely incomprehensible that some snowflakes can make the world's biggest football league to stop. Had it snowed in Africa I had understood the problem, but now it has been snowing in England for many years and they have not yet managed to solve the "problem".

zico4960d ago

Football should not be played under such conditions as the video. I think it's right to cancel such an important game, so it will be settled in a fair manner.

The Hunter4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

As I said, EPL is the best soccer league in the world.. So it is a shame they have not the resources to keep the field snow free..

And I know, it might be dangerous for the fans, but then it is on their own risk..

sokrates4960d ago

I think they could move the league dates before building like nearly 50 new stadiums for the PL and 1. wich cost more than to much.
They could cut off playing in the coldest months, and play from March to November.

karim4960d ago

The Chelsea Vs Manchester United game was called off because of security reasons (Can't cross the fulham road) check the official site,they say the pitch will be fine today

karim4960d ago

No it's not sissy,there was a HUGE SNOWFALL not the regular snow on the pitch not to mention the security problems,can't cross the Fulham road and if it's sissy why all players are moving to spain ? Answer : they're just sissies because they can't handle the physicality of the league

moha104959d ago

chelsea will be most happy for this. they are a bit off form. Now Lampard get one more week to get fit for fight to the next weekends Londonderby against Arsenal.

RedDevils4959d ago (Edited 4959d ago )

what a stupid title, Sissy? I just can't believe it not fix before approving

The Hunter4959d ago

It is the headline of, deal with it. If I change it then I get reports that I must use the orginal headline.. Still you can report it for Lame ;)

RedDevils4959d ago

then is a complete joke worser than Harry Harris, btw I'm too late to report it "Lame" :P

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