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VIDEO: Did Sunderland's Craig Gordon Pull Off The Greatest Save Ever Against Bolton?

There may not have been much football around in England on Saturday, but the slim pickings on offer produced one of the greatest saves of the season. If not of all time.

Sunderland edged Bolton 1-0 at the Stadium of Light, with on Loan Manchester United forward Danny Welbeck stealing the headlines with his fifth goal in six games for the Black Cats. Yet Sunderland's victory was only partially secured by Welbeck, as keeper Craig Gordon proved that a wondrous save is just as important as a solitary strike.

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karim4960d ago

Well it is the best save i've ever seen I would rank it in the Top 5 saves ever

RedDevils4959d ago

just like one of those David Seaman, I think was against Sunderland

karim4959d ago

David Seaman's save was unbelievable (This was too) but when I saw seaman's save (on the Internet) I was like WTH

Maradona4959d ago

one of the best. Many others.

zico4959d ago

What about Dudeks save in CL final (liverpool vs Milan).

Milan got a frantic double chance with Shevchenko but Dudek saved both, the last one a blocking with one hand from 1 meter.

Good save and one of the most important saves....Liverpool were champions...:-)