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Nasri believes Gunners can win title

Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri is confident his side is well-placed to win their first English Premier League title since 2003-04.

Despite trailing Manchester United - who have a game in hand - by two points heading into Christmas, Nasri insisted his club are in a strong position as they attempt to secure their 14th top-flight success.

"I think the title is definitely within our reach," Nasri told The Sun.

"For a start, United were supposed to play against Chelsea (on Sunday at Stamford Bridge) and I couldn't see them winning that."

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sokrates4958d ago

Its a big difference between CAN and WILL. Of course they can, but it wont happen:)

Maradona4958d ago

I think they will/can. They play the best football and got a good enough players. And they are still up there. We will get a lot of answers after the christmas matches.

MasterGuru4957d ago


No, they are NOT capable of winning.

Nasri talks a lot now that he's playing good but believe me, by April, he'd be as silent as a cricket after getting hammered by Barcelona and losing 3 spots down below the table in EPL.

Keep talking Nasri, prove it on the pitch because from what I see, your team is not enough. In fact, your team is THE most overrated team of the century without doubt.

And btw Maradona, don't they always look good in the first half of the season? Remember 07-08? Everyone thought they'd win the EPL but as time goes by, little by little, their inconsistency will start to show.

Mark my words.