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Johan Cruyff Offers Veiled Criticism Of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo In Weekly Column

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has launched an attack on Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo in his weekly column, after the Portuguese had made comments regarding the Blaugrana’s recent win against Almeria.

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sokrates4430d ago

one of my wishes for the new year is that Cruyff keeps his mouth shot the next year!

MasterGuru4430d ago

I agree. He is getting way out of hand and he is very annoying. Although I respect him, as he was one of the best players to have ever graced the game, he is still a has-been and all his criticisms always reveal a different intention from him.

For example, he is criticizing Ronaldo because Ronaldo is a RM player and we all know how much he envies Real Madrid.

He criticized Rosell for "selling Barca's soul" (Unicef) BUT exactly 5 years ago, when Laporta was in his reign, he said the exact opposite. He said that Barca needs to find a shirt sponsor as it is a "necessity". You wanna know why he dislikes Rosell? Because Rosell stripped him off the "honorary president" position which he got from Laporta.

He is obviously a butthurt old man.