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Give Premier League a break, pleads Arsène Wenger

Arsène Wenger has renewed his call for an extended winter break in European club football so that matches are not played in December and January.

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MasterGuru4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

What the fuck are you talking about, ol' man?

What should I do for 2 months straight? Movies? Girls?


I hope this "plead" doesn't go through. It's fucking ridiculous. December is a perfect time to play football because in most places, November and December are school holidays and hence, kids will have more time to watch football because in some areas like Asia, they have to wake up at 3am to tune in to La Liga because of the late kick-off time. So, the only way a 12 year old Asian kid can watch his Barcelona game is in December because there won't be any school the next day.

But anyway, I can't see this being approved by FIFA or UEFA. The playing time is okay the way it is. It is a working formula. So why change it?

Wenger needs to get his "Professor" title stripped. He clearly doesn't realize what comes out of his blabbering mouth.

TengkuAmir104957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

I agree.I live in Asia n I completely understand wht you're try'n to say.