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Rosell: Barcelona so much better for offloading Ibrahimovic

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell says their amazing form so far this season is down to offloading Zlatan Ibrahimovic to AC Milan.

The Swede quit Barca for Milan in the final days of the market in a loan deal.

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MasterGuru4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Of course. Ibra was a lazy tard. He would never have suited Barca's style. Thanks to a man by the name of Pep Guardiola, Barca "burnt" 70 million Euros last year.

Leio4255d ago

That lazy tard also won 8 league titles in a row with 5 different clubs and right now on his 9th all by himself. That "lazy tard" scored 22 goals in 44 matches and many crucial goals in CL and El Classico and almost as many assists in his first year in Barcelona. None have ever done it before EVER. He did very well but they expected more. Sign him and sold him i dont know which is worse but so far that Rossie dude is still a tiny shadow compare to Laportas achievements.

MasterGuru4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

23 goals and 9 assists in 52 games! Get it right! You know what's funny though? That lazy tard costs 70 million Euros and he did not even do better than Pedro who was FREE.

8 league titles in a row? What does that prove again?

He still hasn't won the Champions League. In fact, he's a jinx when it comes to winning big games.

When was the last time he scored a brace again? October? September? Or was it when he was with Barcelona last season? He scored a brace only TWICE in Barcelona for 52 games (Arsenal and Zaragoza). Is that what you'd expect from a 70 million player?

NO TEAM in their right mind would sign Ibrahimovic for 70 million. No team except Barca of course...

karim4254d ago

In big games ? you mean when he scored that wining goal against Real Madrid or the brace against Arsenal...can't remember

Leio4253d ago

He scored winning goal in El Classico, Arsenal, and right now he scored 90% of all Milans crucial goals and behind almost every assists.

8 titles with 5 different teams means more than anything to any player. He won no matter if it was Ajax, Juventus or Inter and now Milan too. When he came they havent win anything for years. It proved that he makes a big difference for the team he played for. He loves Barcelona but Pep couldnt make it work , and that was the reason for his lack of performance in the second half of the season.
NO TEAM in their right mind would sign anyone for 70 million, not even Maradona can live up to that price tag.

sokrates4253d ago

He was amazing the first 8-9 matches in Barca. Then he was injured. It seams as he is a special kind of person, but he is a true footballer. world class!

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karim4254d ago

So why shelling out 70 Million euros for him

MasterGuru4253d ago

He didn't. Laporta did by Pep's instructions.

karim4253d ago

I know it's Laporta but I mean why did Pep do it,Eto'o is a way better striker than he is so it was a disaster deal

MasterGuru4253d ago

Because Pep is ego-centric.

Whenever he fires a player, he tells the press that there is a "feeling" to do so.

That just shows how much of a bloody egomaniac he is.

Not that there is anything wrong with that because take nothing away, he is a very good manager contrary to popular belief.