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Top 10 Most Promising Chelsea Youngsters Part 1

KarimCfc writes : Writing about the top 10 youngsters for a big club like Chelsea which has a lot of promising youngsters coming through the ranks is very hard, so I’m sure you won’t totally agree with my list.In order (for the youngsters) to be on this list, they should be Under 21 (So no Sturridge, Mancienne Or Jack Cork who are very talented and would have featured in the list if they were younger).

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karim4252d ago

I wrote this :).
I think Milan Lalkovic will be really known in a couple of years

MasterGuru4252d ago

Nothing like Barca's talents.

We have the wonderkid Gerard Deulofeu, Rafael Alcantara, the new Etó = Gael Etock (He came from Cameroon and is famous for quite some time now), Andreu Fontas, Thiago Alcantara, Jonathan Dos Santos (Brother of Giovani) and others.

Boy oh boy, in 4 years time, you will remember this name.

Gerard Deulofeu.

Mark My Words.

He's no Messi but damn, he's too good. Find some videos of him on YouTube.

karim4252d ago

We also have some really fantastic kids.

That dude Milan Lalkovic is compared to Bojan due to his incredible speed and style of play.He scored lots of goals but must improve his finishing.

Conor Clifford and Jacob Mellis are "The next Frank Lampard" but I think Conor deserves the tag more.He's only 19 and already scored like 3 goals who got voted : Goals of the season,Check the video of him in action that I posted :)

Mellis is super-fast and I think he's more like Iniesta (Not selfish and can score crucial goals).

EatSleepPlay4251d ago

Unlike most people think,Chelsea do have promising youngsters and [hopefully] they're going to give them a chance.
That Kakuta kid impressed me the most

sokrates4251d ago

I didnt know. And I still doubt that they got their chances. Old fashioned club. Only stars stars are playing. even when theyre not fit.

EatSleepPlay4245d ago

Really ? What about playing a half-fit Rooney in the CL against Bayern