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The Chelsea Christmas Wishlist

Blue Baby Writes : As 25th December hurtles towards us with all the speed of a Japanese bullet train, I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a rummage round my sack and see what might make suitable gifts for some of the Chelsea team this year.

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karim4954d ago

LOL this is the funniest article of the year for me.
JT - A new back
Alex – a brick wall. He can decide whether he wants to use it for free-kick practise or run through it.
Hilario & Ross Turnbull – both deserve the same. A free transfer.
Those literally made me ROFL

MasterGuru4954d ago

The Alex one gave me a good laugh. :-).

Hilario n Ross Turnbull was the best though.

karim4954d ago

Yeah all 3 were really funny

sokrates4953d ago

They are better entertainers than footballers :) There is a life for this guys after football as well!

karim4953d ago

Seriously ?
Do you remember the 8-0's 7-2 7-1 and the 7-0 if that's not entertaining I don't know what is

sokrates4953d ago

sure. In the past. nothing turns history as fast as football games.

Messishow4953d ago

Abramovitsj cant afford to buy anything. He must help his son buy Copenhagen fc.

karim4953d ago

He recently bought an island for FOUR HUNDRED MILLION

EatSleepPlay4953d ago

Haha,the Hilario N Ross Turnbull one was really funny but Lampard's one was the only not so funny

sokrates4953d ago

Lampard is a upper class fellow. Needs to take care of his image:)

Maradona4953d ago

Lampard is soon leaving and then it will not be much left of the team when many players follows.

karim4953d ago

Haha,joke of the year.
Lamps is 32
Already considered as a LEGEND
Admitted he wanted to finish his career here with his bestfried John Terry
ALL the fans love him and he loves them
So just tell me why will he leave ?

Maradona4953d ago

i know karim. It was a joke. He is a legend and will finish there. I knew you would reply on this one. Happy christmas to you.

karim4953d ago

Merry christmas to you too.Good job at making me reply at this :P