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Bojan: “My best is yet to come”

Before the first training session after the holidays, FC Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic (20) held a press conference in which the forward discussed a number of topics. One such subject was his part as the grand protagonist of Catalunya’s 4-0 win over Honduras on Tuesday, which led Bojan to note that he needs ”trust and tranquility” to play his best football.

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sokrates4241d ago

Of course- the kid is 20 and has a bright future in Barca. I hope he stays there, because I am sure he gonna be this decades biggest hit!

zico4241d ago

yes hr hsd s bright future, but he will never has a chance in Barca. Who will he play instead of?

He must go to another club were he will play more matches. Then he can get a great future.

karim4241d ago

He has an incredibly bright future,but please stay humble ;)

KingsCross4240d ago

If not Barca, he should go to Chelsea. Would fit perfectly with Drogba.

karim4240d ago

The only reason I agree with you is that he'll get LOTS of 1st team football because anelka is a waste of space

MasterGuru4240d ago

I don't think he'll be moving to England. Technical players don't usually play there. If he does move abroad, it'd be to Italy or Germany though I hope that doesn't happen.

He scored 2 goals and gave 2 assists last night against Honduras thus guiding Catalunya to a 4-0 victory.

The only reason he's not playing enough minutes is because he's playing for Barca. Had he grew up in London or Manchester, he'd be their leading striker believe it or not.

Leio4240d ago

Move to USA, you´ll be the team leader and your best will come :/