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World Football: Heroes and Villains Of 2010

Willie Gannon Writes : The highs and lows of 2010 have been extreme to put it mildly. From gun toting separatists in Africa last January to an Octopus called Paul in June and possibly the greatest team of all time in November, 2010 has been a year to remember, or forget depending upon which team you follow.

Here, we look at some of the heroes and villains of the last 12 months. Some stories have been covered by every media outlet under the sun and some have just slipped past their mighty radars.

However, each is just as important as each other as they thread a careful weave through the labyrinthine tapestry that is the footballing year of 2010.

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karim4947d ago

Pretty good list !
Weird that Xavi/Lamps/Drogba/Ronaldo weren't mentionned even Messi wasn't mentionned (4 goals against Arsenal ?)