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Highlights : Chelsea 3 - 3 Aston Villa (English Premier League)

1-0 Frank Lampard 23' (Penalty)
1-1 Ashley Young 41' (Penalty)
1-2 Emile Heskey 47'
2-2 Didier Drogba 84'
3-2 John Terry 89'
3-3 Ciaran Clark 90+1'

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ohahCantona3776d ago

Great match, and good result for United fans....

presto7173776d ago

Chelsea please please continue to play like this and drop points left right and center so that the gap b/w you and Man United will keep widening. Hopefully even if Chelsea do get better towards the end of the season, it will be too little too late.

karim3776d ago

What a heartbreak! Fair result imo,the defense costed us again.Lamps is back to his best,Ferreira and Anelka should be scored and finally John Terry Heart Of A Lion.
If we played like we did in the final 10mins we would have won this easily.

MasterGuru3776d ago

Sorry karim... Though it has to be said, that was one of the most exciting games of the season...

karim3776d ago

It was the most exciting match of the season and Drogba should have scored in the 93nd minuted but oh well..

Mozilla893776d ago

!@#@ This is not the result I wanted to wake up to today! Of course the defense was poor. We're starting Paulo Ferreira! Oh well, I'm still gonna hope we can pull off a string of victories in the next group of games...

I only hope we can get everybody back and healthy in time to put together a decent run in the Champions League.

sokrates3776d ago

BYE; BYE Chelsea! Better luck next season;)

MasterGuru3776d ago

Hahaha... Good one... Nothing wrong with you using your bragging rights while it lasts...

presto7173776d ago

I'm with you on that one. They have won only one in their last 6 games or so. I'm loving this.

karim3775d ago

Sokrates remind me in may to talk to you ;)

RedDevils3775d ago

@Karim Ferreira was suck ass lol Bosingwa should have start, Ferreira was been rape by 'villa

@MasterGuru what5 with all those bitches DP this is not a porno site lol

Mr_cheese3775d ago

Was such a fantastic game, the ref was a bit harsh though, 7 yellows for villa was it? And a majority of those was questionable. Why did Ession not get booked at all, he did 5 challenges, including the penalty, which would have gotten villa booked?

Ref was a disgrace and hope that kind of performance isn't seen again. As for the players, commitment, Chelsea played hard to go 3.2, but the equaliser was astonishing.

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Maradona3776d ago

This was a really good match for all football hearts. I did not know that Villa could make a performance like this.

zico3776d ago

it is hard to explain Chelseas preformance this season. In the start of the season they were hammering everyone 4-0...5-0......and now.....I thought they were back again were they startet this season, but 3-3 against Villa who is one of the worst teams in­ the league....
What happend Chelsea?

Mozilla893776d ago

Huge number of injuries for a small squad, players a year older, tougher opponents than the start of the season and unnecessary drama with the firing of Ray Wikins.

RedDevils3775d ago

Villa is not the worses team in the league man, they're not on form, but boy do they perform well.

P.s. Amazing match mouth watering :)

Infernostew3776d ago

3-3 even heskey scored, 3-3 even heskey scored, 3-3 even heskey scored, 3-3 EVEN HESKEY SCORED! (to the tune of "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys)