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Video: Ismail Kouchame sent off for punching team-mate Mohamed El-Askri

With much of planet football still on a hiatus during the holiday season, some of the less vaunted world leagues are managing to grab the spotlight. Sadly for Moroccan outfit Olympique Khouribga though, they're making the news for all the wrong reasons.

By way of background, until recently Khouribga were running away with the Moroccan top flight. But a new year's wobble, just one win in their last five matches, has seen OCK drop from first to second in the division.

Last weekend they participated in a big match, hosting third-placed Raja Casablanca. OCK lost 2-1 to fall off the pace even further, however the story of the game was a red card to Ismail Kouchame on the stroke of half-time.

After getting into a slanging match with team-mate Mohamed El-Askri towards to end of the first period, an angry Kouchame started flapping his hands in El-Askri's face. The pair traded slaps before Kouchame raised the bar by whacking hie team-mate in the eye.

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no_more_heroes4944d ago

what excuse do you have for punching your own teammate?

MasterGuru4944d ago

A satan possessed me? Is that a good enough excuse?

no_more_heroes4944d ago

If I were the manager and he'd told me that, I'd be the one to go Emily Rose on him.

-Mezzo-4944d ago

LMAO, thats a good reason, guess this is what i am using as an excuse next time is mess something up. lol

sokrates4944d ago

Ask Zlatan. Hes that kind of guy as well.

MasterGuru4943d ago

He pulled off stupid antics on his teammates twice this season at Ac Milan.

karim4944d ago

What a ****tard should be released..

-Mezzo-4944d ago

Agreed, i hate People/Players, who get way over there heads.

MasterGuru4944d ago

Nah...This guy is definitely not Barca material...

-Mezzo-4944d ago

You never punch your teammate, This was just plain stupid of him.