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Arsenal: Gunners Need a More Compact and Organized Defense

BR: All of the top EPL teams and the best teams in the world can boast that they are strong in defense. While Arsenal may play a beautiful attacking game, the lack of support in defense is often the cause of Arsenal's losses. Arsenal LB Gael Clichy hopes that they can take what they saw from Manchester United at their recent tie at Old Trafford to improve upon their defense. Ferdinand and Vidic had a very good game defensively and had plenty of support from Rafael and Patrice Evra. “Maybe we should be inspired because that was, from start to finish, a real unit," Clichy told the Official Matchday Programme.

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no_more_heroes4242d ago

Barca have conceded only 10 goals in La Liga this season

MasterGuru4241d ago

That's because Barca holds an average of 75% possession per game which makes it hard for other teams to attack and score.

rafay4241d ago

One more defender and they can be a winning team. And some cover for Sagna.

MasterGuru4241d ago

They need two new defenders. Koscielny is not solid enough. Clichy is overrated.

Phillip Lahm and Mertesacker should do the job.

no_more_heroes4241d ago

Koscielny shows promise, but Clichy is no better than Gibbs to be honest. He absolutely struggles with one-on-ones with players of any real skill. Although to be fair, it's been a while since his last real howler.

rafay4241d ago

Clichy is too confident on the ball for a full back when defending.

Yeah Lahm would be great.