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VIDEO: The Latest Instalment Of 'Lionel Messi Never Dives' (Athletic Bilbao-Barcelona)

Lionel Messi is a YouTube sensation, that will come as no surprise to you. The Argentine forward is all over the video sharing site for his famous goals, slalom runs and attacking play that marks him out as one of the two best players in world football.

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MasterGuru4941d ago

Respect for the best player in the world! If that was.....ehem.... Nevermind!

karim4941d ago

"Messi NEVER Dives" "Messi Never Dives" (would be a good song with the tune of Scotty Doesn't know

MasterGuru4941d ago

You watched that movie before?? Hahaha... I watched it just last week. Freaking funny. Funniest movie all year long.

karim4941d ago

Actually watched it also last week...Very funny and had lots of "X" rated scenes...You must have enjoyed the movie :P

Nightfallen4941d ago


Well, he doesnt go up to the referee and cries to him to get the free kick or Penalty, not like Ronal.... yeah, I think you know.

MasterGuru4941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )


Sometimes, he does dive but when it comes to integrity, Messi >>>>>>> Ronaldo. And by "sometimes", I mean once in a blue moon.

That, you have to accept.

RedDevils4940d ago (Edited 4940d ago )

Of course CR is a cry baby I never Like him even when He at United lol and btw people said Messi never dive I LMAO, the only guys I see never dive is Ronaldo Phenomenon or Zidane or Zola

P.s. thank for the disagree if that what make you feel better haahah :)

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FootballZilla4941d ago

Messi is class the way he wants to keep up all the time with his class drible :)

What a player.

FReeDoM4ALL4941d ago

Mad respect for this guy.

sokrates4941d ago

Those whos saying he is good because the rest of Barca is making it easy for him, should watch this one and reconsider.

Mozilla894941d ago

I thought the title of this article was being sarcastic at first...

Besides Busquets dives enough for most of Barcelona. This one never gets old:

MasterGuru4941d ago

One dive and Barcelona and Busquets are known as worldwide cheaters. Really incredible, guys!

ad4mb4940d ago

well lol, diving is cheating. What you expect barca to have a different reaction to every other team? United have had it from ronaldo, arsenal had it and chelsea had it from drogba... etc. get over it and take your goggles off for just one second because your the most bias person on this site lol.

cleanhealthy124941d ago

rooney dives more than the entire barcelona team.

MasterGuru4941d ago

Ronaldo dives more than the whole of La Liga and EPL put together!