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09-01-2011 - Real Madrid 4-2 Villarreal - Highlights

Cani 7'
Cristiano Ronaldo 10'
Ruben M 18'
Cristiano Ronaldo 45'
Cristiano Ronaldo 79'
Kaka 82'

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FootballZilla4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

What a game and on other hatrick for ronaldo he is on some form.
On ronaldos 3rd goal look how quick he gets back up turns and scores.

zico4237d ago

Ronaldo is fantastic now! He has never been as good as he is now.

MasterGuru4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Ronaldo is a fantastic player. Still mad at him though.

Why does it always have to be him every time Real scores?

Never mind.

First goal was an easy tap-in for him. Second one was stupid cos no one was marking him but great goal nonetheless. 3rd goal was offside if you look really closely. Benzema hit a shot, the ball touched the defender and you could see that Ronaldo was in an offside position but still, what a great goal that is. I gotta hand it to Ronaldo, he is if not the 4th best player in the world, at least he is the second best.

And he got an assist to cap it all off.

What a player!

Messishow4237d ago

great match. Good see Kaka back with a goal.

FootballZilla4236d ago

Scored Left, Right & Header perfect hatrick.
And assist.

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