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rafay4233d ago

Try to find an English version of the first goal if you can..

And when things don't go for you, they really don't go for you! Liverpool played alright today.

zico4233d ago

Nice goal by Torres! Agree.

rafay4233d ago

More than anything, Liverpool need a break. They need some good luck somewhere for them to build on it.

Maradona4233d ago

hmm not good. No self confident players these days.

zico4233d ago

Don`t believe this. Liverpool has lost both matches against Blackpool. And next match is a hard one: Against Everton!

rafay4233d ago

Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool to beat Everton in the derby. Sound's vintage. But that's my prediction.

RedDevils4233d ago

what Can you expect both "pool keep making history :)

RedDevils4233d ago

hahaa first Liverpool blame on their owner, then Rafa, then Roy, now they probably Blaming on Kenny, but they should firstly blame on their players, Great performance by "pool guess which one LOL

ohahCantona4233d ago

Perhaps now Liverpool fans will realise it was NOT Roy who was­ doing badly... it is the players Rafa has got in the last 2-3 years.

Liverpool change league with Leeds United next year;-)

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