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Highlights: Barcelona 5-0 Real Betis (Copa del Rey) 12/01/11

Messi gets a hat-trick on the back of his ballon d'or win, as Barca thrash Betis.

44' L. Messi
62' L. Messi
73' L. Messi
77' P. Rodriguez
83' S. Keita

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rafay4229d ago

Listen to the commentator! Messi's biggest fan you think?

MasterGuru4229d ago

31 goals this season in less minutes/games than Ronaldo.

1 more than C Ron.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has scored 7 penalties while Messi has scored 1 and missed another.

Every stats says that Messi is more effective than Ronaldo. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I'm just saying...

rafay4229d ago

Messi is a better player I think. Even if you look at ability.

ad4mb4229d ago

lmao, whats ronaldo got to do with anything that was in this article?

FootballZilla4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Would love to see messi swap with ronaldo :)

MasterGuru4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Nah.... Ronaldo would literally suck in Barca. Sure, he'd still score goals but still, he can't dribble into the penalty box like Messi can. When he plays with RM, they play counter attacking and so, sometimes the other team is caught after a break leaving only two men defending. Ronaldo would take advantage of that with his speed. Against Barca, it is impossible for such a thing to happen.

We play possession football. We wait. We don't cross the ball, neither do we shoot from long distance.

So Ronaldo's headers and his speed will not be put to much use in the Barca system.

Would hate to see Messi play for Madrid though.

Btw, just to prove my point, Ronaldo would literally be a David Villa in Barca. He'd still score, but he's not very effective, he just doesn't seem to bring his full complete package which we wanted to see from him.