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Revealed: Who Premier League Referees Really Support

Ryan Babel got into hot water recently when he alleged Howard Webb is a Manchester United fan. The Liverpool forward should have done his research because here's who the top refs really support...

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karim4225d ago

Howard Webb is a United fan,he told me via e-mail.
But seriously that's really interesting but there are a lot of other "biased" refs.

Sahil4225d ago

@ Karim: Interesting article.

It is funny tho, all the referees have admitted their love for their favorite clubs apart from one who is shying away from revealing his(hope he isn't ashamed).

To Webb, we are watching you!

karim4224d ago

Webb is incredibly biased to united few can argue with that !

Sahil4224d ago

I remember the match between Liv/Ars last season, 90+2min gerrard took the free kick and cesc raised his hand and the ball hit his hand and nothing.. webb was the referee, accidentally.