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zico4932d ago

yes maybe they are back on track again. It`s gonna be a great fight for top 4 in England this year.

karim4932d ago

So proud to be a blue.
Ramires was our man of the match and again proved his critics wrong!!
Ivanovic what can I say saviour
Drogba horrific.
Anelka was decent.
Keep The Blue Flag Flying High.

FootballZilla4932d ago

Only watched abit of the game in first half and second.
And Ramires looked really god winning balls in midfield really well and could of scored when it hit the bar.
Ivanovic is amazing in the air and Drogba looked poor.

karim4932d ago

You are right,our defenders are better headers than our strikers and Drogba didn't "look" poor he WAS poor.

Sahil4932d ago

Saw the match.. quite good. actually i was expecting Ancelotti to sub drogba but didn't happen and it was a good move to get drogba's confidence running.

sokrates4932d ago

True. Chelsea had a godd performance today. Question if is it to late? I hope so...:)

KingsCross4932d ago

If think the season is still long. But, its gonna be hard anyway. But if Chelsea can get it, United, Arsenal and City can. Believe me, evrything can happen!

Sahil4932d ago

I think the season is still young, with Ch.league and fa cup fixtures, it could turn out for any of the top 4

FootballZilla4932d ago

Man City and Arsenal are the threats to man utd i think, they can slip up today ;)

sokrates4931d ago

I agree with footballzilla. United has only 2 threats: City and Arsenal. But, I think only City will hold on and give match to the end.

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