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Video: Shocking Save of the Week: Rory Coleman (Boston) vs Gloucester

What is the point of having referees and linesmen if they cannot see a handball like this?

Saturday in England saw Boston United lose 1-nil to Gloucester City in the third round of the FA Trophy, but for a while it looked like Gloucester were going to be shafted after arguably the most blatant handball of the season went unnoticed by the match officials.

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FootballZilla4228d ago

I think the ref didnt see it because that was so ovious lol@commentantor "surely handball on the linex399"

no_more_heroes4228d ago


even a blind man riding a horse in fog at midnight could see that handball.

Maradona4228d ago

yes. the ref is on the same level as the players out there...

zico4228d ago

Handball world cup is in Sweden right now.....

STiRacer4227d ago

Just look at him. Knowing he was never going to see anything over the players he opts to look at the action down through the players legs.