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Chelsea Set To Make Third Bid For David Luiz As Benfica Sign Jardel As Replacement

Chelsea are set to make a third bid for Benfica defender David Luiz this January, according to The Mirror.

The Portuguese club are thought to be resigned to losing their prized asset and have already moved to replace the Brazilian with fellow countryman Jardel.

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karim3769d ago

Too expensive but might be a good buy.

FootballZilla3769d ago

Is the future cb for brazil, still has to improve

karim3769d ago

He's only 22...Has a lot of years ahead of him.

Maradona3769d ago

Anyone knows what happened to Jardel?
He was one of the greatest goalscorers...

karim3768d ago

Jardel is a defender who joined Benefica but I think you meant someone else.

Maradona3768d ago

i meant the good old goal scorer who played in porto. He just disapeared?

KingsCross3769d ago

I would bought him now. He is extreamly talented. Not that I follow portoguese football that much, but David Luiz seams to have a bright future- remember besides from being extreamly talented, he is young- and a man they can still shape.

Mozilla893769d ago

This saga has been going on a long time, even if he comes in Jan. he can't play in Champions League.

sokrates3769d ago

True. I would stay in Benfica. Better country to live in than rainy London... And awful Chelsea:)

karim3768d ago

You're over-biased so your opinion doesn't make sense because even IF I was a Utd fan I would have accepted an offer from Chelsea and you would too.

kulka3768d ago

He would do well for Chelsea still young but already one of world s best the problem is English weather which had proved problematic for southern players