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Charlie Adam worth more than £4.5 million to Blackpool

Liverpool, Aston Villa and Birmingham are all now chasing the signature of Blackpool captain Charlie Adam.

Liverpool are believed to have lodged a £4.5 million bid for the Scottish midfielder, which has been rejected. However he seems keen on a move to Anfield.


Adam has a major influence on the way Blackpool play their football. Their whole game plan is almost set to suit Adam in midfield.

He seems to have a hand in every attack Blackpool have. He also has a decent scoring record, especially season when the club won promotion.

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zico4171d ago

Charlie Adam in, Poulsen out! I wish....

ultramoot4171d ago

LFC doesn't need this guy. He's more of an attacking mid than a holding mid. Meireles and Gerrard are there to fill that position, along with Jonjo Shelvy, plus Joe Cole refusing to play out wide. I'd rather take my chances with keeping Poulsen and Lucas than spend some £6m to fill a position that is already packed. We need a decent left-back and a natural winger much more than another attacking mid.

And listening to the way Holloway is trying to market this player, he's probably not even worth paying £4.5m.

ultramoot4171d ago

BTW, it was very unprofessional of Holloway to go public with details exchanged between the two clubs. It's clear that he's trying to use the media to raise the market value of Adam, who he only paid £500k for. Holloway should be flattered we even value him at £4.5m considering he's only been playing for 6 months in the Premiership.

sokrates4171d ago

Agree. But I think he can be a good player for Liverpool, but the price is away to high. He hasnt approved that much- but his future seems bright.