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Andy Gray under increasing pressure after release of further footage of him criticising Sian Massey

Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray is under increasing pressure after Sky News unexpectedly broadcast fresh footage of him making sexist remarks about assistant referee Sian Massey.

It followed a backlash from across football to off-air comments made during Saturday’s match between Liverpool and Wolves by Gray and his colleague, Richard Keys, in which they agreed that women did not understand the offside rule.

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GJ234173d ago

Simply just banter between two guys. Blown way out of proportion. Not saying that what they've done is right but if they want to have a laugh backstage/off camera then they should be allowed

zootang4173d ago

Mans game created for men!

What next women on the pitch with the players the line has to be drawn somewhere.

GJ234173d ago

Have to agree with you. Love how the news are only asking women for their opinion

zico4173d ago

This is crazy. It was not meant for public.

GJ234173d ago

It's incredible how big a problem can be created due to a few comments

ohahCantona4173d ago

When he has to go it is more than just "a few comments".

Making "sexist remarks" to female referees or racist comments are unacceptable to me. Seems Sky Sports have made the right thing.

GJ234173d ago

These "sexist" remarks weren't that bad. Saying that women dont understand the offside rule could be just as offensive as a woman on daytime TV saying men cant do housework (which they say a lot). The only difference is if a man says it it's sexist, if a woman says it it's acceptable. Simply a case of Double standards

ohahCantona4173d ago

The time for these two overpaid male pigs in Sky Sport have finally run out .... now they simply have been in an offside trap.....