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Holloway gets cut of Adam fee

Ian Holloway will receive a slice of any transfer fee for Charlie Adam.

The Blackpool boss has admitted he stands to pick up a share of any profit made on the midfielder, although he will not reveal how much.

But Holloway says he is not doing anything wrong and insists the bonus is not the reason he is demanding £12million for his star player.

Ollie said: "I do get rewarded with anybody I coach and make a profit on.

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GJ233957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Clever move from Holloway. Cant see Adam leaving anytime soon though

rafay3957d ago

If he does, so do Blackpool from the League.

KazumaKiryu3957d ago

He seems to be a decent guy but I think he just wants to keep his best players. Nothing sinister in it at all.

rafay3957d ago

He's making a profit for himself in selling players, just sounds wrong. And this door should not be opened in football.

KazumaKiryu3957d ago

Fair enough. Thinking about it again, it does seem strange that he would want such a clause in the contract but you could argue it's because he didn't want the club selling Adams behind his back.

ultramoot3957d ago

So the higher the fee for Adam, the bigger the cut Holloway gets? Is this why he's been trying to sell a player he bought for £500k at £14m? Good luck with that, you greedy ****.