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Blow for Arsenal as star man Nasri limps off in Huddersfield clash with hamstring injury

Arsenal were dealt a major blow on Sunday after star man Samir Nasri limped off in the Gunners FA Cup clash against Huddersfield with a suspected hamstring injury.

The Arsenal midfielder pulled up clutching the top of his left leg after 32 minutes, and was immediately replaced by Tomas Rosicky.

Arsenal are to play Barcelona in two weeks.

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Newfw4174d ago

According to the official website: "Samir Nasri is expected to be out for three weeks after suffering a hamstring injury on Sunday."

I seriously hope not! Arsenal will need him in the game against Barcelona.

rafay4174d ago

It might be a good thing. If Arsenal can hold on in the first leg, then he'll be fresh and ready to go for the second leg at Barca. And I really hope Wenger does not gamble with him like he did with Fabregas last year and finish his season early.

Newfw4173d ago

In my opinion, Arsenal should work hard to get a result in the first leg. the second will be a difficult one. In order to do that, they will need their maximum power; Nasri is part of that power. So losing him will pose as a problem, especially when Vermaelen is uncertain.
(Also, Sagna has a red card as well, right?)

rafay4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Yes Sagna is on a red card. The thing is if they play out the first leg then its just a cup tie, and there are so many upsets in cup ties. I think they have a better chance of winning the tie if they go in on the back of a draw. Then it can be 90 mins that they have to play like hell to win. But if they win the first leg then Barca will have to go all out and Arsenal will look to sit back, and then there will be no hope for Arsenal. But anyway, lets hope for a good game. :D

sokrates4174d ago

I agree with Rafay: No rush to gamble. Nasri will be back soon enough, and I think Arsenal will have chances against Barca- with or without Nasri.

KingsCross4174d ago

He is needed in evry match. He is an important player at the moment!

rafay4173d ago

I think Arsenal should manage without him. Walcott, Fabregas and VP are good enough to win the regular games without him.

What they really need him for is that away game at Barca. Because if they are to have any hope winning they will need as much world class quality as they can have, on the pitch!

crazyturkey4174d ago

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! !!!!!!!! Now Arsenal definitely needs Arshavin to get his sh!+ together, especially for the Barcelona game.

rafay4173d ago

They need to start giving him more games now.