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Fernando Torres Transfer From Liverpool To Chelsea Is Done: Report

Fernando Torres is about to move from Liverpool to Chelsea. Ian Dennis is reporting on BBC Radio 5 Live that the deal is done, save for all of the formalities. Negotiations have been ongoing for quite some time, with Liverpool rejecting both an initial £35m bid and a transfer request from Torres. However, Liverpool are now set to let their prized possession go.

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MaximusPrime4503d ago

some reports said that Torres is currently on a helicopter from Liverpool training ground. Destination Chelsea? Hope so!

rafay4503d ago

I can categorically confirm that Fernando Torres is not - repeat not - in a helicopter. According to Sky's man on the spot, he left Liverpool's training ground in a car.

As seen on

Rage_S904503d ago

lol i heard some player signing for scunthorpe was in a helicopter that would have been a sight

babzy4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Who said having cash is a bad thing? Good job chelsea!

sokrates4503d ago

LOL! Thats my man, at least having your eyes wide open. I hope Torres fails in Chelsea by the way.

rafay4503d ago

One thing everyone seems to have forgotten is that Torres is horribly out of form! Somehow there is too much hopes in all the Chelsea people. For me its one out of form player moving to an out of form team. Don't see a lot of good coming from it in the near future.

trunker4503d ago

fair comment. though every 'top striker' from last season is 'out of form' Rooney, Drogba, Torres, Darren Bent - all the highest scorers

you could say Tevez, Berbatov are the only performing strikers week in week out.

form is temporary, class is permanent. Torres is Class and has clearly been unhappy at Liverpool not being in the Champions league and not looking likely to qualify next year so his head has dropped, I have no doubt if he is happy and since he is evidently fit he will recapture his goal scoring form

Senden4503d ago

See i'd go with that if it wasn't for the fact he was in the Spanish team and played pretty badly for the whole world cup.

HxCGamer4503d ago

what does he being for the spanish team have to do with anything?

he is recovering
he scored two goals two games ago
and pretty much scored the goal on his last game against fulham

karim4503d ago

NOT true...He left melwood in his car,and it looks like he'll arrive at cobham in 20mins...*fingers crosses*

rafay4503d ago

20 mins was 1 hour ago... This is turning out to be like a bad date!

holland19454503d ago

It's been a long year for everyone with the World Cup. Teams like Bayern Munchen had a poor start which I could imagine would have something to do with the deep German run in the cup. It's effected just as many teams in the EPL. Drogba has been in poor health since the group stages of the cup. Who could blame Torres for being in poor shape with a championship run? Kaka just returned to team play, never mind form! Torres will recapture his form when he regains his fitness. Liverpool's poor mid-field play have hurt Torres as well. Gerrard (also injured this year) and Torres have lacked enough mutual playing time to regain their repoire. Other than that duo no midefielder has been consistent enough to give Torres the midfield play any striker needs. With Lampard, Essien and even more depth at midfield I'm sure Torres will find his form soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.