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zico3957d ago

3 points, not surprising. It`s gonna be harder on sunday when liverpool coming. Both teams need 3 points.

rafay3957d ago

I think Liverpool have a better chance of winning!

Mozilla893957d ago

You think so? You do realize that it will basically be the same team but with Torres replaced by Suarez.

Both teams will be determined to win but I'd say Chelsea have a slightly better chance of winning.

rafay3957d ago

Getting there, but not yet.

Mozilla893957d ago

Chelsea's two new signings were invisible today! What a massive waste of money!

rafay3957d ago

They signed them last night. They couldn't possibly have played today. I think both will be in the team for the Liverpool game.

Mozilla893956d ago

haha I know, I was just being sarcastic and making fun of all the people who keep on saying we shouldn't have spent all that money.

rafay3956d ago

Oh you should have spent. Just not so much. Maybe like 10 million less.

Sahil3957d ago

We need those 3 points badly, can't wait to see the new front of Liverpool(Suarez and Caroll)

zico3957d ago

Agree. Hopefully we see them together already on Sunday, and hopefully they get a good start with goals and assist! My guess: 1-3 and 3points

karim3957d ago

Amazing game,amazing performance.
There have been some #TorresEffect on Kalou,Malouda and especially Anelka ! Drogba is lazy,wastes possession too often and seems careless looks like Torres is hopefully replacing him.