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Mascherano blames Reds for Player exits

Mascherano, who secured a move to Barcelona at the start of the season after refusing to play against Manchester City, was heavily criticised for his actions as Liverpool were seemingly forced into accepting his departure.

However, after Reds fans burned Torres shirts following his £50 million move to Chelsea on Monday, Mascherano has spoken up in defence of his former team-mate.

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ultramoot4163d ago

Are you f**king kidding me? You were one of the most important players in LFC, but you said your wife didn't like living in England so you had to move. And when LFC wanted to keep you in the summer, you protested by refusing to play against Man City. How the f**k is it the club's fault for eventually letting you go? Anyway, good luck rotting on that Barcelona bench.

Oh, and about Torres, he was hailed as a god by LFC supporters. They worshiped the ground he walked upon. Even when he was playing like s**t, the fans defended him to the point of blaming all the other players around him. How does a "professional" go from saying he wants to fulfill his contract and help bring the club back up the table, to submitting a late transfer request in less than 3 weeks?

karim4162d ago

Am a Chelsea fan,but what you said is true.

crazyturkey4162d ago

"It is sad that the press and the club try to convince people that it is all the player's fault when the reality is that Liverpool didn't show the interest in keeping us in the club."

So, they left because liverpool didn't want to pay them more? Mercenaries.

KazumaKiryu4162d ago

Lol Javier we offered you a contract but you refused because your wife was homesick or something.

karim4162d ago

Javier should shut up,he refused a new contract and even refused to play against City so he can go to Barca and then he says this ?!

Xabi Alonso wanted to leave so they made him stay one more season then he left,the same with Torres.