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Torres: Reds are a bigger club

Fernando Torres has risked the wrath of Chelsea fans by saying Liverpool are a bigger club than the Blues.
The Spanish striker, 26, left Anfield last week to head to Stamford Bridge in a £50million move.

It left Kop fans fuming and they taunted Torres as he made his debut against the Reds on Sunday.

But in an attempt to build bridges with his former club, he has been talking up his time there.

Torres said: "Liverpool will always be very special to me.

"Because of its history, Liverpool is a bigger club but it's going through a difficult time."

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ultramoot4316d ago

The headline is a bit misleading, as that isn't exactly what Torres was trying to say in the whole interview. I can see this not going down too well with some of the Chelsea fans.

rafay4316d ago

That is exactly what he said!

Because of its history, Liverpool is a bigger club but it's going through a difficult time.

ultramoot4316d ago

No, I meant the headline alone isn't the whole point he was trying to convey.

Mozilla894315d ago

I don't think Torres ever meant any harm when he said he was happy to move to a big club. People just took the meaning the way they wanted to. Chelsea is a big club but even as a Chelsea fan I'll admit that Liverpool are bigger. I don't necessarily think bigger is better though.

rafay4315d ago

I agree. If you analyse the two clubs right now, Chelsea are much better. But historically Liverpool are much much bigger.

Maradona4315d ago

They are a bit better, but not "much better". Historically Liverpool are much better. Chelsea got no history to talk about.

kulka4315d ago

remember that Liverpool beat them twice this season if Daglish was the manager since the start of the season we would be in the top four by now