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Messi vs CR7 Head To Head: Where Do They Rank Among Barcelona & Real Madrid's Goalscoring Greats?

In a new weekly series, will be compiling the statistical data, expert analysis, and progressive season records on two of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. For this week's head to head battle, we look at how Leo and CR7 compare with their club's goalscoring legends of the past...

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hendrikmaster4153d ago

i think messi and ronaldo will score more then 30 goals this season!

Maradona4153d ago

cant compare Ronaldo with Raul yet. Messi is there.

KingPin4153d ago

Ronaldo VS Messi. this is like the most pointless argument in the soccer world today. Using statistics does not clearly judge who the better player is. i say this mainly because CR and Messi are 2 different kind of players. Sure, they both midfielders but they play differently. Messi is more of a team player than CR. so no doiubt messi will have more assists and passes complete. Ronaldo on the other hand is less of a team player who has better dribbling ability. therefore his stats will have less assists and passes complete. Messi and Ronaldo are just different, stats prove nothing.

Another pont to those who think of disagreeing with me. soccer is a team sport. you cannot judge individual talent in a team sport. look at the current Barcelona team, it has 2 other players that were nominated for player of the year. that says a lot. i mean raul was a good too. but look at the team he had around him, zidane, figo, beckham to name a few.

zinedine4153d ago

messi is definitely there, ronaldo has some work to do