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Highlights: Liverpool 3-1 Manchester Utd (English Premier League 06/03/2011)

1-0 Kuyt 34'
2-0 Kuyt 39'
3-0 Kuyt 65'
3-1 Hernandez 90+2'

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4225d ago
kulka4225d ago

Haha and United wants to be champions and they can't even beat an average team as some people called Liverpool before the game Liverpool completely outplayed United could have been much more great performance

zootang4225d ago

Good result for Liverpool. We looked very average today but we are still missing key players like Vidic, Ferdinand, Park and Valencia. Hopefully this will give the players a kick up the arse.

Nightfallen4225d ago

I'm still waiting for your 5 star defense.

zeddy4225d ago

liverpool arent an average team, they've got as many star players as united. we've been lucky this season playing crap and wining but now its evening out. plus without out vidic or ferdinand we will lose a few more before the end of the season.

Anderson84225d ago

liverpool where average until they bought suarez and carroll and mireles decided to start playing properly...

i'm sure they'll be unstoppable in the europa league next season lol

we're still in the driving seat for record 19th title so i'm not worried, although i hope nani's not out for too long.. carragher should have been sent off for that challenge


Excellent performance from Liverpool but United are still title favourites as the race is down to them and Arsenal, and let's be honest Arsenal aren't exactly playing well either.

EVO-OM3GA4225d ago

This is the result the top 4 wanted FUCK YEAH! And hopefully this is Liverpool making a statement for next season

Mozilla894225d ago

Excellent result, and Tottenham drew as well!

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The story is too old to be commented.