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DixieNormS4819d ago

To what, the red. Arsenal didn't even come close all match. It was an own goal that placed them close to the win. But Arsenal decided to play it safe. And safe does not work against the best team in the world.

Yi-Long4819d ago

... in the finale.

An offensive team like Arsenal all leaning back trying to defend a lead. Against Barcelona, that's just not going to happen.

We could use the excuse that the red card changed the game, but TBH, it didn't. Van Persie had been shite all night long, so basically Arsenal were already playing with 10 men, plus 1 guy making a couple of ridiculous immature fouls (Van Persie).

Wenger should have started with Arshavin so he would have some pace up front, and Bendtner, so you'd have a forward which could actually be played in and hold a ball and keep some defenders busy.

I love Wenger for his attitude towards giving young players a chance, and insisting on attacking positive football, but tactically he's a bit naieve and an idiot, plus in the most important games he suddenly goes chicken on his beliefs of attacking football, and opts for a defensive cowardly tactic.

heroicjanitor4819d ago

No it did change the game massively, as soon as Van Persie left Arsenal lost their forward man, he was meant to hold the ball up there and keep the ball. Did you not notice how Barcelona had the ball pretty much in Arsenal's box for the rest of the game after that? It tired Arsenal out, you need someone to release the pressure.

hoof1234819d ago


It defiantly changed the game. Arsenal would've been rocked psychologically. As heroicjanitor says, there was nobody to hold the ball, and there was a rare break on the right side, where arshavin had nobody to cross to, where Persie should've been. Also Bendtner is shite, and he missed the final chance with an atrocious first touch that should've been a goal, and would've sent Arsenal through.

Now, with that said, Barca did play fantastically, dominated the entire game, and deserved to go through. But to say that the poor refereeing didn't influence the game is just silly.

Yi-Long4819d ago

... because apart from some misbehaviour on his part, I really haven't seen him all match.

And yeah, ofcourse bad refereeing influences the game, but yesterday he also could have given Messi a penalty earlier on, plus he could already have sent off Van Persie for that dirty tackle on Messi's ankle.

It was a lousy referee, but he was bad, not biased. He got calls wrong for both sides.

I was hoping Arsenal would win, but when they play like they did last night, which was very defensive, tactically weak, and again very naieve, then you will lose when you play against a team like Barca which will not give the ball away and can slice through your defense all night long.

Also, the reason I'm saying Bendtner should have played, is very simple: He's better at being reached. He is better at holding the ball. In a match against Arsenal you KNOW that Barca will havemost of the possession and that they'll mostly be playing on your half. When that's the case, you need someone up front that you can play in and who can hold on the ball till teammates arrive. Van Persie can't do that, and Bendtner can.

I'm not a Bendtner fan, and I don't think Van Persie is crap, but as a deep lone striker when Arsenal isn't playing on the opponent's half, Van Persie is useless.

When Arsenal IS the better team and IS playing on the opponent's half and IS creating chance after chance after chance, OBVIOUSLY I would prefer Van Persie up front. But in a game like this, you might as well not have fielded him at all.

Plus, like I said, Arsenal needed a guy like Arshavin as well, so you have that threat of speed upfront, which Arsenal were missing (also because Theo is out, sadly)

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kulka4819d ago

Good game for Barca but Arsenal was shocking fatigue must be taking it's toll they did not shoot on goal for the whole game

no_more_heroes4819d ago

We're getting closer...

No shame in getting knocked out by the best team in the world. That second yellow was bull$#!+ though. Anyone not wearing 'certain' goggles could have seen that he genuinely didn't hear the whistle.

RGB4819d ago

I'd agree with that but he was treading on thin lines when he blatantly put his hands in Alves' face.

Barca was the better team in both games, far better with the ball and without it.

no_more_heroes4819d ago

Doesn't make the second yellow any less bull$#!+. Abidal grabbed and squeezed Van Persie's neck, but that went unnoticed.

It's far more bitter than I would've liked, but Barcelona is the only team I'm ok with being knocked out by (I'm a Barca fan too).

Hope Real Madrid go crashing out next week!

RGB4819d ago

Ain't going to happen to be honest, have you seen Mourinho's home record? 8 years unbeaten.

Current Real Home record this season, the best in Europe. Lyon don't have a great chance, plus Mourinho's Madrid was the first to score against Lyon at Stade de Gerland. The away goal is massive and probably the biggest in the last 16 games.

DixieNormS4819d ago

Yes I give u that but there should have been a penalty called against arsenal when Messi got tackled in the penalty box.

RGB4819d ago

Indeed forgot about that one, much more of a penalty than Pedro's. Alumina played well to say he's only played several games all season. Could of look embarrassing if it wasn't for some good saves.

crazyturkey4819d ago

Barca deserved it no questions, though why the hell did RVP get a second yellow?

DixieNormS4819d ago

why was he stupid enough to get the first. I mean, should he have gotten the second? ofcourse not. But if he didn't fuck up and gotten the first yellow than he would have been o.k. Its a game of give and take. And plain and simple he fucked up. I was watching the replay, and whlie watching the game they said it took one second from when the whistle blew to when he kicked the ball. It was obvious that he actually looked at the flag raised then decided to kick at the goal in frustration.

bananasNmonkeys4819d ago (Edited 4819d ago )

Its a shame that this match, like all 'big' matches these days will be remembered for the refereeing, rather than the football.

Maradona4819d ago

Yes but now it was no doubt that the best team won.

bananasNmonkeys4819d ago (Edited 4819d ago )

Of course, I just have a sour taste in my mouth, and I must admit at half time I was already thinking we'll be able to focus on the premiership now. :(

Maradona4819d ago

Yes agree. No its time to think about premiership.
And as a Liverpool fan, I hope Arsenal take the title:)

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The story is too old to be commented.