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Highlights: Bayern Munich 2-3 Inter (Agg 3-3) UEFA Champions League Round 16 2nd Leg - 15.03.11

Highlights: Bayern Munich 2-3 Inter (Agg 3-3) UEFA Champions League Round 16 2nd Leg - 15.03.11

0-1 S. Eto'o 3'
1-1 M. Gomez 21'
2-1 T. Müller 31'
2-2 W. Sneijder 63'
2-3 G. Pandev 88'

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no_more_heroes3742d ago

Didn't see that one coming. Go Inter!

KingsCross3742d ago

Me neither... That was really something. I am not sure if I like it or not. But they did a great job, and they had some luck. Bayern Munchen had their chances...!!

Domer253742d ago

Epic game. A great battle.

sokrates3742d ago

It really was! I was switching between United and Inter tonight. Great night for a true football fan. I am really happy for Leonardo!

KingsCross3742d ago

No doubt, this was a great match. But why be happy for Leonardo ? He is just not the man to support!

RedDevils3742d ago

@KingsCross If someone who doesn't support AC Millan then of course it normal to support him (Leonardo) anyway Milan Ditch him I can't see why people should blame on him

no_more_heroes3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


Why not? Because he used to manage AC Milan? Just means they shouldn't have fired him. Yes they're in the lead in the Serie A, but for how much longer? They've been slowing down as of late and they still have Inter to play again.

KingsCross3742d ago

I just cant forget when Leonardo planted his elbow and broke the face of the USA player in WC 1994. One of my first memories of football.

crazyturkey3742d ago

Inter defends Serie A's honor in Europe. Great game. Ff only Italian teams would play like this all of the time they wouldn't be losing their CL spot.

no_more_heroes3742d ago

It's not just CL. Its Europa League results as well. They're just too slow to be a great threat in Europe anymore, but that's why I like Inter now.

RedDevils3742d ago

you like them because they're "slow"? lol

no_more_heroes3741d ago

no, because they're not slow

freeduck3742d ago

Great win Inter

To bayern: Na na na na.. na na na na... hey hey hey.. GOODBYE!

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