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World Football in Europe: The Attackers Defenders Hate to Face

Defenders in world football do not always enjoy taking on any attacker during games. Some front men in fact appear to be too energetic. So much so that attempting to contain them requires a lot of skills and experience.

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nieuwland142768d ago

hulk, thats amazing 20 shots, 20 goals!!!

hendrikmaster2768d ago

Why arent hernandez, berbatov or rooney here?

zootang2768d ago

Because Hernandez is one of only 4 players ever to have ever scored in the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Carling Cup and Charity Shield in ONE season.

Berbatov is top scorer in the Premier League.

Rooney can score some wonder goals that leave the defence unable to do anything but watch.

zinedine2768d ago

Rooney scored what i would pick as goal of the season maybe of the year!