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Obama plays soccer

During a visit to a Rio de Janeiro slum, President Barack Obama joined a group of children as they kicked around soccer balls. (March 20)

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kulka2765d ago

Obama the main playmaker :P
He controlled the ball passed it around with great vision even the Brazilians were passing it to him all the time :)

lukie1222765d ago

lol, i bet these kids could own him. : )

nieuwland142765d ago

He wasn't even that bad haha.

sokrates2765d ago

Its really good he has time to enjoy a bit! He has had to much headache lately. GO OBAMA!!! I AM SURE YOU SUPPORT UNITED!

zootang2765d ago

He has too, being the president of the UNITED states.

freeduck2765d ago

Haha he can be the next Xavi for the US national team :)