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Jose Mourinho's price for Premier league return? 170M

Jose Mourinho has named his price to return to the Premier League – a £20million-a-year salary and a transfer budget of £150m.

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ultramoot4162d ago

Only City and Chelsea are stupid enough to invest that kind of money on a yearly basis. If Maureen wants a real challenge, he should try to win titles without spending obscene amounts of money.

Mozilla894162d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I can't see any other teams offering that kind of salary and transfer budget. I hope Chelsea isn't one of those teams though. As much as I like Mourinho, I think Ancelotti can be just as good. Providing the club can stop hindering him by doing stupid stuff like removing the assistant manager partway through the season.

ultramoot4162d ago

Ancelotti is a great manager. Abramovich needs to stop interfering so much with his managers' work. I have a nagging feeling that buying Torres for £50m wasn't part of Ancelotti's plans. He seems more like a clever manager who prefers to buy young players like David Luiz, rather than gambling a huge load of money on big-names.