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Maybe this is why footballers are so angry these days

Imagine you're Mario Balotelli for a second. Yes, you have to.

Why? Because he reads about you in the papers (especially that bit about throwing a dart at a youth team player) and watches you play football on Saturdays and he's decided that he doesn't like you. No -- he's decided that he hates you. Hates you more than anyone he actually knows personally. So when he spots you on the street in your fancy pants t-shirt with your fancypants hairdo, just after you scratched your fancypants car, he wants to be sure he takes the rude opportunity to let you know that he has adjudged you to be a twunt.

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lukie1223658d ago

I find it very disrespectful!

GJ233657d ago

Thats horrible. I know he's an idiot but doing something like that is just thick

Sahil3657d ago

Why didn't Balotelli threw darts at him :)