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Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish: Steven Gerrard is the best midfielder in England

Reds' manager commends skipper for the contribution he made before injury curtailed his season, and hails him as the best player in his position in the country

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zico4138d ago

When he is injury-free; Yes, but this season to much injured...and his performance have been better..

Hopefully Liverpool will give him some time now to get back full fit to next season. Not use him to early like they have done before!

kulka4138d ago

Yup our medical team dissapointed again with all the injuries but yes he's one of the best

ultramoot4138d ago

Medical science team? What a joke. A fancy name to cover up their failings with our players' health.

freeduck4138d ago

The medical team needs to be looked at again this summer. There were reoccurring injuries to Aurelio, Agger, and Gerrard this season. Next season I hope we start out fresh and with new players

GJ234138d ago

Yeah apart from Scholes, Wilshere, Fabregas, Van der Vaart, Giggs