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Highlights: Shakhtar 0-1 Barcelona [Agg 1-6] (Champions League Quarter-Finals, 2nd Leg - 12/04/11)

0-1 L. Messi 43'

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zico3659d ago

Looking forward to Messi vs Ronaldo 4 times! Who will win that battle?

kulka3659d ago

Messi and Barcelona class will win

zico3659d ago

I`m not so sure about that! Never know about Morinhios tactic, and Ronaldo is a man for the big occasions. But maybe Barca is a better team in home/away matches?

RedDevils3659d ago

this is Mourinho first Using Real Madrid against barca, let see what happen when he get to you used it 4 more times lol

Anderson83659d ago

barca will do them in the champions league, not sure bouth the other games though

sokrates3659d ago

This is excellent! The match today was just another day at work, but the "el classicos" we are waiting is just awsome. My bet Barca - Real: 4-0 in matches!

GJ233659d ago

Dull game. Good finish though

no_more_heroes3659d ago

Barca's first away win in CL under Guardiola. Bring on El Clasico!

RedDevils3659d ago

what the hell you mean first away win?

Sahil3655d ago

They won their first away game with guardiola incharge :)

no_more_heroes3659d ago

Holy crap! Just watching the match (see my other post for why) only to hear the commentator say that Messi's goal is his 34th in 54 CL matches, which is a record!

Sahil3659d ago

Every year messi wakes up with a new ambition, break records every year ...LOL

GJ233655d ago

Unbelievable. Really is the best player today

GJ233655d ago

Wish maradona could come back so we could see for sure who was the best all time footballer

Sahil3654d ago

We have a better version of him :)

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