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Barcelona meet Real Madrid and Manchester United face Schalke in Champions League semi-finals

The Champions League final four has been decided. Real Madrid's aggregate win over Tottenham Hotspur sets them up for a semi-final date with eternal rivals Barcelona, the vanquishers of Shakhtar Donetsk. In the other fixture Manchester United's reward for ousting Chelsea is a meeting with the side that eliminated reigning champions Inter, Schalke 04.

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The Hunter4140d ago

Suprising Schalke in semis.. After all will be a wonderfull semi-finals.. I think the final is Manchester United - Barcelona..

Sahil4140d ago

I Just don't wanna see Madrid in final, coz I know United will reach final looking at their strength and there's only club in CL that can beat them, Barcelona.

zootang4140d ago

Nah, we'll beat barca too. Look how they struggled away at shaktar and not to mention Barca struggle to win in England and lets not forget the final is at Wembley. Revenge for 2008

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

cozmo1954140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Schalke are playing good, beating inter 2-5 & 2-1 might have a chance of beating man u

GJ234140d ago

I doubt it, Inter are really weak this year, and they struggled a bit against Valencia. Did good to get this far though

Sahil4140d ago

At the semi-final stage of champions league, any team can be threatful, fergie would play his strongest team in the first leg.

GJ234140d ago

Agree with you. Would be a shock if Madrid or Shalke make it though to the final


I hope it is Real vs Man Utd in the final, mainly cuz we wana face Ronaldo... plus Barca look unstoppable at the moment lol

GJ234140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

I'd love for that to happen. Would like to know how he'd react if he scored

Sahil4140d ago

Would be a tough match but I don't think Real can beat United.

KingPin4140d ago

wow, this years semi finals seems like ones to watch. great exciting football will be played thats for sure. looking forward to it.

Real madrid will want to beat barcelona as a revenge match to the drumming they got earlier in the season.

Man united will want real in the finals, they not easy opponents but they are easier to beat than barcelona.

shalke, they just out there to play the best they can. nobody wouldve thought theyd come this far.

barcelona, these are the favourites of the tournament. theyl just play the way they been playing all season long and im sure they confident they can make it to the finals, and most probably go on to win it.

GJ234140d ago

Yup, shalke were considered one of the easiest teams to have from the last 16. Great to see them come this far

Sahil4140d ago

Yeah, schalke are giving their best in every game and look where they've come, it's good to see them in the finals.

GJ234140d ago

Man Utd v Barca in the final. Got a feeling that Madrid v Barca will be really close though

Sahil4140d ago

Man, even if schalke makes it to the finals, they maust feel like they have already won the champions league, big acheivement.