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Lionel Messi Video: Watch Soccer's Biggest Star Refuse To Be Stopped

Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in the world today.

You probably already knew that, but in case you needed further proof, allow this video to be all of the evidence you need.

Soccer is one of the best sports in the world, but sometimes it gets a bad reputation for the players that dive. You know exactly what I'm talking about, the guys who get bumped, yet act like they were shot in the back of the leg, or punched in the face, sprawling to the pitch in an embarrassing display.

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nieuwland144134d ago

Fantastic player. This is why Ronaldo isn't the best in the world, he whines, dives and complains to the ref. Messi just wants to play.

zinedine4134d ago

Agreed, I have never seen him dive or complain.

GJ234134d ago

He is a great example to young players

Sahil4134d ago

True, he's an Idol for the young blood.

GJ234134d ago

Have to agree with you. Ronaldo is too focused on his hair etc lol

Corepred44134d ago

Ronaldo isn't considered best in the world because people jump on the hate the prettyboy ronaldo bandwagon. sad really.

Sahil4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Yeah, that is what is the most admirable thing about him, he never gives up and I know a lot of people say it but he truly brings out the meaning of it.

GJ234134d ago

Respect to him, he is the best and hasnt done that through cheating, just hard work

Sahil4134d ago

or falling down/asking for penalties(never seen him).

GJ234134d ago

Had to google it now lol. Seen a couple of videos where he might have dived, but he's moving too fast so cant tell for sure

Sahil4134d ago

No, man.. you should look again.

Sahil4131d ago

He's the most skillful player I've ever seen, just gifted. I don't think anyone disagrees with me, when I say, he has never asked for a penlaty or even dived.