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Power Ranking the Past 50 English League Champions 1961-2010

Bleacher Report: The Past 50 years of England's top flight, whether it was the English Premier League since 1993 or the years prior as the English League, have captivated audiences worldwide. Arguably the most powerful league in the world, it has seen some of the greatest highlights, triumphs, defeats and tragedies in the world of Football.

In order to rank the top 50 teams to win the league over the years of 1961 to 2010, I had to devise a way to rank them without any form of bias. So in doing that, I developed a formula to do so. The formula also had to be able to take into account the changes in the league throughout those 50 years.

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nieuwland144134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

1999 United should be in the top 3 i think.