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Highlights: Tottenham 3-3 Arsenal (English Premier League - 20/04/11)

0-1 T. Walcott 5'
1-1 R. Van Der Vaart 7'
1-2 S. Nasri 12'
1-3 R. Van Persie 40'
2-3 T. Huddleston 44'
3-3 R. Van Der Vaart 70'(pen)

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no_more_heroes3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Well, that's that. Arsenal's DEFINITELY not winning it now. Down to third on goal difference now.

If Man Utd don't win the title now, they literally would've thrown it out of a space shuttle.

Sahil3833d ago

Never a dull moment when Arsenal play Spurs or the other way around, Arsenal need to win those remaining 5 games DO or DIE! :)

crazyturkey3833d ago

Yeah is over for both of these teams' aspirations. Arsenal will not win the league and Tottenham will not make it to the top 4. Great match though. As much as it pains me to say this Tottenham did great today.

freeduck3833d ago

Yep, Arsenal big bottlers. Title race is over for them

Chaos233833d ago

HAHAHA CHELSEA IS IN 2ND NOW HAHAH arsenal had the chance they not winning crap