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Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid (AET): Ronaldo's header clinches Copa del Rey for Mourinho's men

Mourinho’s debut final ends in spectacular fashion as Madrid require extra time to end their four year trophy drought.

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zinedine3653d ago

Agreed, but Casillas played outstanding!

Corepred43653d ago

If they deserved a goal they would have gotten it. But they dont so they didnt.

hendrikmaster3653d ago

mourinho has cracked barca's code...

The Hunter3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Mourinho is a prize hunter as Johan Cruyff said

He does everything to stop Barca.. They play Dirty, they are a time waster and they play with 10 man behind the ball.

Do you really feel crazy that Mourinho always end the match with ten man against Barca?

kulka3652d ago

I don't like Mourinho style he delivers results but plays boring defensive football

Mozilla893653d ago

Wouldn't have happened if Puyol was up there challenging for the header. Still a good goal though.

3652d ago