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Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Handed a £40 Million Budget for Next Season

According to a report published in The [UK] Telegraph, Arsene Wenger would have a budget of around £40 million to improve his squad next season.

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kulka4081d ago

He should buy two great players worth 2 milion or more seel all the flops get more players in he needs leaders

FootballZilla4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

He can get some nice cash for some players that arent doing anything:


Nightfallen4081d ago

Fabianski did a lot for Arsenal this season.

FootballZilla4081d ago

Good for him.
He useless your only saying that because your polish im asuming.

crazyturkey4081d ago

Arsenal need good backup for Szcezesny or someone to fight for the #1 position. They also need a top class CB and if Fabregas leaves, Nasri will play in that position and Arshavin will take back the left wing. So they need someone to replace Arshavin as he is getting old now.

kulka4080d ago

They should get Stekelenburg, Chellini if available De Rossi and Llorente and they should be champions next year (if Liverpool off form) :P

jianpin4080d ago

good news, new fashion items .

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