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Highlights: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals 1st Leg, 27.4.11)

0-1 Messi 76'
0-2 Messi 87'

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nieuwland144685d ago

Messi's second goal was brilliant, breathtaking.

zootang4685d ago

Good goal but it would be nice to see Barca play 11 men over 90 minutes.

Sahil4685d ago

You'll get ur wish fulfilled in the final :)

cleanhealthy124685d ago

keep complaining.

dont want a man sent off? dont kick other players

zootang4685d ago


United will beat Barca, they have done it before and they will do it again.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zeddy4685d ago

all madrid did was try to nullify barca, i dont remember them making a decent chance in the game.
i dont see how anyone can stop barca winning the trophy.

zico4685d ago

Forza Barca, Forza Messi, Forza GOD

sokrates4685d ago

Barca just made my daY. Real didnt do anything, but the red card was not fair. Yellow was enough. But, playing at home with 80000 suppoerters and not trying - thats a good reason to hope Barca will win.,

Domer254685d ago

Yeah this game was like a f@cking circus match. Flopping everywhere, Di maria and Alvez acted like a bunch of school children. Messi was brilliant though...

FootballZilla4685d ago

Messis Goal class....

Red card for madrid again lol....
Ruined the game...

would of been 0-0 if pepe didnt get sent off.

Corepred44685d ago

It's the truth. Barca couldn't do anything until Pepe was sent off.

cleanhealthy124685d ago

and madrid didnt do anything either.

and they were playing at home, pathetic.

htownrocket874685d ago

The game didn't change until afellay entered the game.

zico4685d ago

Stupid tactic Mourinhio! Playing boring football at home! Barca definite the best team today (as United yesterday).

FootballZilla4685d ago

would of worked if pepe dint get sent off

Tommykrem4685d ago

It didn't seem to work all that well before he was sent off either. Besides, less possession - more tackles - more cards. That's a consequence Mourinho should be able to see.

Redempteur4685d ago

well pepe is not a player ..he deserved a red card if you take into action what he did overall

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The story is too old to be commented.