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The 10 Best Foreign Footballers in the English Premier League

At the start of the 2009-10 season, that was the ratio of foreign-to-British-born footballers playing for what is currently the Top Four teams in the EPL.

In comparison, in 1989-90 less than 10 percent of the first-team squads of these clubs—Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United—were born outside of the UK.

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zinedine4072d ago

Yes, and David Luiz and Suarez.

genocidegeneral2154072d ago

wow they missed out too many! ,
kuyt isnt top ten , highly over rated

Yi-Long4072d ago

... I'd say he's underrated rather than overrated.

Has a good pass and cross, scores his goals even though he hardly ever gets to play in his natural position (he's a striker yet at Liverpool he often has to come from the side), he's EXTREMELY consistent (probably the most consistent player for Liverpool since he joined the club), he doesn't dive, he works extremely hard, he's good defensively as well, he coaches his teammates, and he's a model-professional.

Seriously, what more would you want from a player?

Yeah, he's isn't the fastest, and technically he isn't brilliant in that he can't really trick himself past opponent on a regular basis, but he's still a fantastic player.

Sahil4072d ago

The folks at Bleacher report will change the list next week, they keep on doing the same :)